Golfing for the future

Golfing for the future

“As we transition to having fewer students, it’s even more important that we all work together for the best for these kids,” said PHS varsity ... Read more

Hester plans with purpose

As the mystery surrounding Pelham High School’s faculty split between Helena High and PHS is resolved, PHS begins the exciting process of becoming the new ... Read more

Pelham’s outstanding debaters

Pelham’s outstanding debaters

“Kane Agan and Jacob McKinstry earned top 10 out of all the public forum teams statewide at Montgomery Academy’s Debate Tournament. They represented Pelham competing ... Read more

PHS students journey to greatness

PHS students journey to greatness

“The editor of the Black Warrior Review gave me a message for our editors,” said Haley Giffin. Read more

Pelham celebrates week of winners

Pelham celebrates week of winners

“Please reply as soon as possible. The first email that we sent bounced back,” the note from the Alabama Center for the book read. When ... Read more

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Conversations with Connie

Football season starts early in Pelham

“Who is handling hospitality?” asked Bridgette Dodson. Read more

Caretakers of precious cargo

“We’re driving someone’s loved ones—never forget that,” Steven Terry of the Alabama Department of Education, Pupil Transportation Division said. Terry conducted a training meeting on ... Read more

Ballantrae celebrates a decade

“When my partner Billy Fuller and I first visited Pelham, met the mayor and looked at the land designated for the golf course, we knew ... Read more

Have pride in PHS

“From five people in an empty room,” Pelham City Schools Board of Education President Rick Rhoades began as he spoke following the introduction of new ... Read more

Ready for the celebration

“Thanks for the letter, Mrs. Nolen. I want to volunteer at Pelhambration this summer too.” Multiple students made this remark when picking up their service ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Adjustments come with a new school year

"If it helps school start in the new addition, aren't you willing to park far away?" my 13-year-old asked. Read more