OPINION: Community beyond borders

The dictionary defines community as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” But I believe there ... Read more

Pelham’s class of Compassion

Pelham’s class of Compassion

“What I love about our class is that we’re all on the same team,” PHS Class President Jessica Lingle said during her graduation welcome speech. ... Read more

Lit Mag goes down to the wire

Lit Mag goes down to the wire

“Are we sure that’s the title? Is that the right word?” Read more

Literary lessons that echo

Literary lessons that echo

“Amazing,” echoes a small voice from far below. Eric’s response to discovering that Pelham High School students would be writing books for his first grade ... Read more

Creating a unique school system

Creating a unique school system

“Your board of education wants you to be involved in this planning process,” Dr. Marcia Burke said as she opened the presentation launching Pelham’s Strategic ... Read more

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Conversations with Connie

PHS student body has huge heart

“We’re doing what?” Literary Magazine staffers asked after last spring’s announcement. Read more

Kiel takes care of business

Kim Kiel has always been a person who gets things done. Lately, she’s been in a whirlwind of activity and change transitioning into the position ... Read more

An inspiration for teaching

“Do you remember Gabrielle Taylor?” asked the woman approaching the summer reading table at registration. Read more

Care, compassion between nurse and student

“She was the school nurse; I was a 5-year-old diabetic. Naturally, we became best friends,” Kathryn Clemmons wrote in an essay that would win her ... Read more

PHS students finding their way

“Do you know where Miss Borland’s room is?” Distressed and lost, PHS freshman Morgan Whitman needed to be pointed in the right direction. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Adjustments come with a new school year

"If it helps school start in the new addition, aren't you willing to park far away?" my 13-year-old asked. Read more